Datamars Standalone Software for Speedway R-UHF-SR420 / SR220 / SR120

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Datamars Standalone Software

for Speedway R-UHF-SR420 / SR220 / SR120

sw standalone

Datamars Standalone is a licensed software that runs on the Impinj Speedway® Revolution readers: it is designed by Datamars to take full advantage of Impinj readers in a laundry environment.
Standalone enables users to easily integrate the UHF reader with no need of software development to control tag reading activity and retrieve EPC codes on a serial port as well as on the Ethernet and USB keyboard interface.

Standalone provides autonomous reading that could be automatic or triggered by the GPIO’s and a set of programmed parameters that are automatically saved and restored at each power on.
Commands to control the reader’s activity and parameter modifications can be entered directly on the Command Line Interface through the RS 232 serial interface or through a convenient web based GUI. A set of generic settings is also available to control the Standalone features: EPC filtering and formatting, serial/Ethernet interface parameters, EPC communication timing and format.

The Standalone software is also aimed at controlling the UHF hardware when used in combination with HF and LF hardware, to allow a smooth transition between the different RFID technologies. Several hardware accessories are available with the Standalone software to easily connect readers from different technologies and provide a unique RFID data interface to laundry management software.

Standalone is easily upgradable to newer versions through standard .upg file by means of the standard Impinj reader’s web interface.

The software (freely downloadable) comes with an evaluation license that allows to test all its functions up to 500 tags.

Please contact us to request your licence or to update your Standalone software with the latest version.

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