Datamars UHF LaundryChip™ family suitable for use in MRI equipment!

Use of RFID transponders in MRI systems

Magnetic Resonance Imaging systems are widely used in hospitals and clinics for medical diagnosis, staging of disease and follow-up without exposing the body to ionizing radiation. Nevertheless, since MRI relies on strong static magnetic fields, any item containing metal or conductive elements, could potentially lead to unwanted effects when placed in an MRI scan device. Such effects ranges from excessive heating and displacement that could harm the patient, to image artefacts that could compromise the diagnosis. Because of their electrical nature, all RFID transponder contain conductive element and thus fall in this potentially dangerous category.

It is then extremely important to test for MRI compatibility RFID transponders whenever transponders are used in the healthcare sector.

To guarantee to its customers total compliance with all healthcare sector requirements, Datamars’ LaundryChip™ 401 and 301 have been successfully tested as MR conditional.

The MR conditional label guarantees the suitability for use in MRI equipment, meeting clinical needs for Magnetic Resonance safety and compatibility and ensuring in this way both patient safety and diagnosis integrity. Thus, a patient wearing a garment or a textile with embedded a Datamars 301 or 401 UHF transponder can be safely scanned in an MR system at 1.5 or 3 Tesla, while having a minimal impact on the MR images.

MRI compatible stamp

Datamars’ obtainment of the MR conditional label

To reach such a result, Datamars R&D team has made an in-depth analysis of each component used in the transponder and when needed, replaced them by a-magnetic elements. “We re-considered the materials used to manufacture our transponders, that was the only way to make the transponder almost invisible on MR images” says Damien Pachoud, Datamars CTO. “This was managed very efficiently thanks to Datamars vertical integration which gives us a full control on our production”.

In order to demonstrate the reliability and data integrity of our RFID transponders under the specific conditions during MRI scans as well as the safety of patients wearing an RFID-embedded textile, intensive MR testing has been performed by an accredited ISO certified lab, specialized in testing medical implants and other devices specifically for MRI safety and MRI compatibility.

This further important certification, attesting the maximum safety in using our RFID transponders also during an MRI scan proves once again Datamars’ continuous commitment to deliver only high quality products, ensuring the safety of its customers also in the most demanding applications.

“We focus on continuously improving the performance of our transponders, delivering at the same time products with the highest level of quality and safety. The achievement of these important certifications confirms that our UHF LaundryChips achieve the highest level of safety, especially in the extremely demanding healthcare application field” says Riccardo Mazzolini, General Manager of Datamars Textile ID. “When developing new products, we always keep product safety in mind.”