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A new distruptive LaundryChipTM generation

The best reading performance and endurance in the harshest laundry conditions… in an incredibly small size!

…with no compromise on reading performance!

What are the benefits?

Imperceptible and unnoticeable!

Extraordinary no-wear feel for extreme comfort!

Benefits 401-a

…perfect for insertion into the
narrowest hems of the finest flat linen

Benefits 401-b

and into all kind of garments
(private & work wear).

Product info

Smaller dimensions:

70 x 10 x 1.3 mm (vs 301: 70 x 15 x 2.5 mm)

Improved flexibility

Stronger than ever!

– tested in real-world laundries and guaranteed for 200 washing cycles with water extractors up to 60 bar
– resistant to high temperatures (up to 200°C)
– suitable for many cleaning methods (including dry-cleaning as well as laundering)

Best reading performance:

– ultra-high density bulk reading up to 2,000 pieces
– read distances of up to 6 meters (or 19 feet)

Fully compatible with the 301 LaundryChipTM


ISO 18000-6c compliant

Oeko-tex® standard 100 class II

Does not contain any substances dangerous to the human body

MR Conditional

Suitable for use in magnetic resonance equipment (1.5t and 3t)

Available versions

Source Tagging (sewn)


Patchable (heat-sealing)


In pouch


Further option: LASER MARKABLE

UHF LaundrychipTM range

The LaundryChipTM was invented by Datamars in 1990, the first RFID transponder specifically designed for the industrial laundry sector. Over the years Datamars has continued to innovate, developing a vast range of strong and robust transponders in different sizes and packages up to the latest multi-read UHF LaundryChipTM, developed for high-volume bulk-read applications and composing the 301 and 401 lines.